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March 2013

There is a voice inside of me that I with the world could hear. It has a beautiful, gentle, and soothing ring that can make even the worst days bearable. Some have heard its whispers, but most will never know the pleasure. It resembles a small child's voice - pure and sweet. It utters peacefulness that seem as though they would not exist in the state of our modern humanity. This quiet voice, so simple and true, preaches and comforts. It speaks of wonder, of God, of love. It knows the purpose of the one it resides within., and sometimes seems to scream into consciousness, with hushed vocals, all that it knows.

It knows pain; such deep, nearly unbearable pain. It knows of the troubles of the world, humanity, and its Residence. This verbal beauty knows corruption, injustice, and destruction. This almost imperceptible sound carries with it a surrounding resonance of desperation.

It also carries with it an immeasurably hopeful melody. it sings its creative and inspirational tune softly and without much effort. It doesn't need to try or force. Its contribution to Its Residence's existence and the aw it provides is enough, even at such a low volume. The voice, by its nature, offers just enough confidence, pride, and reassurance to ensure the Residence is strong. Strong enough to be enough, and accomplish anything She desires.

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