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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

My best friend.

This is Kitsune (Kit-SUE-Nay), my adopted son. His name means "Fox" in Japanese, and it couldn't be a more perfect name for this sweet little, orange tater.

My husband, Christian, adopted Kitsune from a rescue shelter in 2012. You can tell how much love Kit has received over his lifetime, because he is the sweetest little dog. I loved him from the moment I met him and he was my secret-keeper from the start. Before I told Christian I loved him, I told Kit every single day that I loved his daddy.

Kit and I have a really special bond. You would never even know he had another mom before me. He snuggles up to me at night, cuddles hard when I'm sick, runs to see me when he gets home from work (Christian takes him to the office every day), and protects me when he thinks I'm in danger. He is everything every girl hopes for in a dog.

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